The Bliss and the Struggle of Being Alive. This is what I write about. Keep what resonates and ditch the rest. That’s all.

This fucking Program that brainwashes us all, all the time.
Making us all feel WRONG just for being DIFFERENT.
Making us believe that we can turn our Life around following a damn HOW TO MANUAL and a TO-DO LIST put together by some guru who pretends to have all the answers.
Spoiler alert: nobody can be grateful, motivated, unstoppable, driven, happy, positive thinking, manifesting, hustling, living their Absolute Best Life 24/7/365.
That’s the biggest lie ever.
They’re just faking it to sell you their Perfect Solution, and become rich while you die trying.

Who are YOU when you cut all the bullshit?
Who are YOU when you’re not trying to impress anyone?

In a world of people just baring their teeth, be the one who smiles for real.
In a world of people who need to put puppy ears on their bathroom selfies to feel cool, be the boring one. Be the uninteresting one.
In a world where the more you hustle, the more you win, be the loser.
In a world where everyone is running somewhere and striving to be unstoppable, driven, eating healthy, and shitting flowers 24/7/365, be the Unexceptional one. Be th one who slows down, makes peace with the Present Moment, and laughs at the madness of billions of people competing against each other, showing off, desperately trying to outdo their neighbor because that’s their way to find a meaning to their own Life.

In a world where everyone is just hustling to sell you their gold coated shit, be smart. Don’t listen to them. Don’t listen to me. Listen only to yourself and be your own Master.

Do you know who’s always perfect, never makes mistakes, has the perfect body, and always smiles? It’s DUMMIES. ROBOTS. MANNEQUINS. Not real people. NO SIR. We’re not.
We’re here to fuck up.

We’re here to be OURSELVES.
We’re here to be broken 1,000 times.
And no, we are not meant to be fixed.
Because there’s nothing to fix, to heal, to improve, to make better in US.
This is who we are. This is exactly who we are supposed to be.
YOU-nique. And faulted.
Infinite, and made of Stars.
With Shit. A lot of Shit.
It’s when you own both, it’s when you stop hiding what you don’t like, when you stop

being ashamed of Who You Are, when you put yourself out there just the way you are that Life happens and begins to make sense.

The Bliss and the Shit.
The Light and the Shadow.
The Good The Bad The Ugly.
Everything is YOU.
Nothing deserves to be hidden.
There’s no shame in NOTHING that YOU ARE. It is true, we are Seeds.
We are born to evolve and thrive.
And we need Light, and Love to do it.
But we also need a lot of Shit to grow.

Would you ever say that a drop of water is not worthy enough to be part of the Ocean?
Would ever think that a star is not luminous and beautiful enough to be up in the Sky?

This is true for all of Us, my Friend. This is the Essence of Life. To be totally Unexceptional and 100% Infinite at the same time.

A masterpiece and a work in progress at the same time.

This is what I write about.
I don’t have answers. I have a whole Life experience to share. If you like what you’ve just read, stay with me.
Otherwise, this place is not for you.
Plain and simple. No strings attached.

I’m just here to share my own thoughts, perspective, and experience with you. Because it’s bursting inside of me.
All these things I’ve observed, witnessed, experienced, and learned, and keep on learning, courtesy of all the SHIT I’ve been through, and keep going through, are just screaming inside of me because they want to be shared.

I know nothing. I just write stuff.


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