Do not be good. BE WHOLE.

Who are you when you cut all the bullshit?
Especially the bullshit you tell yourself.
How you should be.
What you should do.
What you should be doing.
So fucking what?

Who are you when you’re not trying to impress anyone?
How do you deal with being Unexceptional?
Do you embrace your own Normality?
Do you embrace your own Infinity?

There’s nothing to let go of.
Nothing to heal.
Nothing to change.
Nothing to improve.
Personal Development is our natural state, not a business.
Not a book to buy.
Not an online course to follow.
Not a workshop to attend.

You are WHOLE.
Light and Shadow.
Shit and Flowers.
Earthly and Supernatural.

Allow yourself to BE.
Otherwise you’ll always be striving to improve those parts of you that don’t accept your WHOLENESS.