Silvia Mick

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I am an expert at NOT being good enough.
I am an expert at being scared every single step along the way.
I am an expert at feeling uncomfortable, awkward, and socially weird, ALWAYS.
I am an expert at being extraordinarily lazy.
I am also amazing at being inappropriate, getting furious, and swearing.
And I am frigging fantastic when it comes to being extremely moody, overly sensitive, highly impatient, 100% volatile, and totally un-perfect. I’ve spent all my Life ashamed of who I am.
I’ve spent all my Life being a slave to other people’s opinions.
Letting their reaction towards me dictate what I could and could not do. Silently begging to be accepted, approved, loved. And now I’m finally done with all this.
And I’m ready to share all of this with you.
You can stand up and lead by example.

You can find your voice and let it out

You can show everyone what you can be, do, and achieve when you stop holding yourself back.
When you live your own Legend.
When you walk your Path with Pride.
When you are your True Self, because that’s where your True Power lies. We can. Together.

Get your rebel on!

This world needs a revolution

You & I are the chosen ones.